I am a professional photographer based in Berkshire, UK.


My career began in the 80's at the Wokingham Times using black & white film with an old Nikon camera. I could shoot ten assignments a day, fifteen when it's busy and then spend hours in the darkroom knocking out prints. They were great days whizzing round the country roads shooting endless school fetes and cheque presentations until I left to join the  local news agency.


After a couple of years of National exposure I was head-hunted by The Times who have sent me around the world, sometimes into challenging or down-right stupid situations. I solve problems and my resourcefulness is a great advantage. I look at my subject through fresh eyes and hope to discover new angles and compositions. I enjoy gaining new experiences every day.


Take a moment to browse through these galleries and see some of my favourite images. If you would like to discuss a project please get in touch using the details below.


Ben Gurr

Mob: 07979 604343 - Email: bengurr@yahoo.co.uk - I use instagram occasionally: @Bengurr99