Women in west Kabul queuing at a polling centre to cast their vote in the Afgahnistan Presidential Elections October 9th, 2004. Picture by Ben Gurr 07979 604343
Orphaned children in post earthquake Port au Prince, Haiti, February 2nd, 2010. Picture by Ben Gurr 07979 604343
Liam Allan at Croydon Crown Court after a rape case against him was thrown out following the discovery of vital evidence December 14th, 2017. He is pictured with supporters including his mum Lorraine. Pic by Ben Gurr 07979604343
The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh leaving Buckingham Palace in the Gold State Coach for Her Golden Jubilee Procession to the City June 4th 2002. Picture by Ben Gurr
A woman and her daughter plead with UN soldiers to allow them to a World Food Program distribution point in the aftermath of the huge earthquake that hit point in Port Au Prince, Haiti January 26th, 2010. Picture by Ben Gurr
A cyclist passes a herd of wild deer in Richmond Park, London December 8th, 2014. Picture by Ben Gurr for The Times
Displayed at Sotheby’s, London is the imaginatively titled ‘Untitled 2009’ by Anish Kapoor which went on to be sold at auction in Doha, Qatar. Pic by Ben Gurr for The Times in July 2014